Saturday, May 10, 2014

strong health

Strong health is depend on good physical condition. There are several possible culture of this expression, one of which holds that a properly looks fit and sounds so impressive that it is a compliment for a person to be compared to it. Two other possibilities claim that the original expression was fit as a fiddler in which fiddler was a nickname applied either to a boxer with fancy footwork or to the person who played the fiddle at lively Irish dances, most of which lasted from dusk to dawn without any breaks. In both cases, the fiddler would have to be physically fit and have great stamina to last throughout the event. For feel strong health we need follow some health rules. We should eat a balanced diet, take fresh food and physical exercise regularly.Similar expressions are fine as a fiddle and face made of a fiddle, the latter used to describe someone who is exceptionally attractive.

Strong health

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